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Keynote Messages

Tired of the same lecture style speakers with boring presentations and old topics? With Rita’s diverse background, she is a speaker that can deliver to an audience. Between her humorous stories and engaging activities, Rita will leave you with a smile on your face and information you need to know to make positive changes for success.

All topics are available as workshops. Want a speech on a topic not shown? We can prepare one for you.

  •        Getting to Know You and Why Should I?
  •        Making the Best of You Out of the Real You
  •        Ethics in Today’s Business Environment
  •        Just The Way I Am
  •        But We’ve Always Done It That Way: Coping with Change
  •        Dealing with Ima Payne: The Challenging Client
  •        She Shops; He Buys: Difference in Gender Communication
  •        Effective Listening: The Forgotten Element of Communication
  •        Don’t Follow the Leader; Be the Leader

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